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HR Policy
Training and Development
Compensation and Benefits
HR Policy

HAIHUA is an international company, where career paths for the talents is abundant and diversified. HAIHUA provides with infinite opportunities to display your professional, to help us to create a better future.

Our strategic goal ---- to build a team with a high degree of enthusiasm. We set lofty goals for ourselves, which can be accomplished only by a united team. Today, the company employs many experts form Russia, Britain, Canada, the United States, Ukraine and China etc.

Training and Development

We focus on the professional development and potential of our working partners. HR management system is based on the partnership and enterprise culture between the employee and enterprise.

We open a bidirectional promotion channel for employees. One way is combined with position demand to make the potential employees who own management ability and management smoothly grow up to a manager, and the other is to help those who concentrating on studying technology through their own efforts smoothly grow up to a professional/business expert in the field.

Compensation and Benefits

In HAIHUA, we have implemented a competitive pay system. To enable company in an invincible position, HR and other professional research agencies regularly survey data on wages, and adjust salary based on survey results and performance of the company staff.

We often hold collective activities such as sports, culture festival, creative competition, and invite all company staffs to participate, as well as sports activities, painting competition and creative competition for staff kids.

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