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Hydrogen production zone 35 compressor installation work started

At 16pm on September 4, two KR6838B-DA14 high-voltage motors produced by company SCHORCH of the Netherlands were successfully hoistedplace in Komsomolsk Refinery project of Russia, marking the official start of the installation of 10 large compressors commissioned by the company.

This time, two C-25.2 supplementary hydrogen reciprocating piston compressors produced by Howden of Holland in Section 35 of hydrogen production unit are installed. According to the special compressor installation plan made by the project department, it will take 2 months to complete the installation work of 5 compressors of hydrogen production unit.


Faced with the complexityparticularity of the project, the project department carefully organizedset up an equipment installation team to timely complete the approvaltechnical disclosure of the compressor installationconstruction scheme. After 3 weeks of full preparation, with the couragewisdom of "to cut paths through mountainsbuild bridges across rivers", we overcame various difficulties, sorted outtranslated more than 1,600 pages of technical data by ourselves, 35 copies of the factory packing list,organized the owners to unpack more than 2,000 pieces. At the same time, I urged the owner to rectifyissue the delivery documents of the 20-ton truck, solved the hidden dangers of the 4 sitesthe use of the car,achieved the basic safe use conditions.

The smooth start of the compressor installation work is the first shot for the completion of the installation of 10 compressors in this project with high qualityon schedule,has waded out the pathaccumulated experience.