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Catalysts in the chemical industry
Organic sulfur compound hydrogenation catalyst
      Catalysts using cobalt molybdenum, nickel molybdenum,iron molybdenum as active components can effectively hydrogenate organic sulfur compounds contained in gases such as mercaptan, thioether, thiophene, COS,CS2, as well as liquid hydrocarbons, such as natural gas, coking gas, associated gas, petroleum refining gas,light naphtha. They can be used in purification sections of ammonia synthesis, methanol synthesis,hydrogen production processes.

● Hydrogen sulfide adsorbent
      The adsorbent is used as a protective layer for catalysts in steam reforming, low-temperature conversion of carbon monoxide, methanation, synthesis of methanolammonia,polymerization of propylene to remove hydrogen sulfide from gasesliquid hydrocarbons, such as natural gas, coking gas, associated gas, petroleum refining gas, synthesis gas, conversion gas, propylene, naphtha, etc.

● Dual function desulfurizer
      The dual function catalyst can remove H2Sorganic sulfur from various process gases such as natural gas, coking gas,synthetic ammonia within the temperature range of 150-400 ℃. In addition, the catalyst is suitable for protecting catalysts such as steam reforming, methanol synthesis, conversion,methanation of natural gas.

● Pre conversion catalyst
      The catalyst is used in the process of steam pre forming hydrocarbon feedstocks such as naphtha, liquefied gas, light hydrocarbons,hydrocarbon containing dry gas to produce gases with high methane content,can also be used in the production of hydrogen, ammonia synthesis gas, methanol,other processes.

● Hydrocarbon conversion catalyst
Primary reforming catalyst
      Hydrocarbon reforming catalysts are used in hydrogen production, ammonia synthesis,methanol plants such as natural gascoke oven gas. Methane, high-carbon hydrocarbons,water vapor react under the catalyst to generate H2, CO,CO2.

 Secondary reforming catalyst
      It is used in the second stage reforming section of natural gas based synthesis gas hydrogen productionammonia production units, as well as in the pure oxygenoxygen-enriched conversion section of coke oven gas based production of methanol, synthesis ammonia,hydrogen production units.

 СО Medium temperature shift catalyst
      Used to convert carbon monoxide from natural gas, refinery gas, coke oven gas,other synthetic gasescarbon dioxide, thereby achieving the purpose of gas purification.

● СО Low temperature shift catalyst
      It is used to convert carbon monoxide in natural gas, refinery gas, coke oven gas,other synthetic gasescarbon dioxide. After medium (high) temperature shift, it enters a low-temperature shift furnace, making the carbon monoxide (dry gas) in the low temperature shift furnace gas less than 0.3%, thereby achieving the goal of gas purification.

Methanation catalyst
      Used for the process of converting CO, CO2,H2 in synthesis gases such as natural gas, coke oven gas,coal gas to CH4, mainly for the deep purification of CO+CO2 in the gas.

● Ammonia synthesis catalyst
      The pre reduced ammonia synthesis catalyst uses the active components of ironcobalt. The catalyst is passivated with oxygen to form a protective film on the surface of the catalyst to ensure its safety. The catalyst is easy to recover at the beginning of operation.

● Methanol synthesis catalyst
      The catalyst is used in the process of producing methanol from synthesis gas containing CO, CO2,H2 in methanol synthesis plants such as natural gas, coke oven gas, petroleum refining gas, naphtha, coal,associated gas.

● Formaldehyde synthesis catalyst
      Formaldehyde is a major chemical feed, mainly used in the production of butanediol, urotropine, pentaerythritol, phenolic resin, urea-formaldehyde resin, polyformaldehyde, polyformaldehyde,so on. The catalyst for synthesizing formaldehyde uses Fe2 (MoO4) 3MoO3 as the active components. Methanol conversion ≥ 99 (mol)%, formaldehyde yield ≥ 93 (mol)%.