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Petrochemical catalysts
Selective hydrogenation catalyst
◆ C2 selective hydrogenation catalyst
Technical characteristics:
1) Ethylene selectivity is high;
2) Long regeneration cycle;
3) Harsh conditions of use apply.

◆ C3 selective hydrogenation catalyst
1) Liquid phase hydrogenation process;
2) Gas phase hydrogenation process.

◆ C4 selective hydrogenation catalyst
1) C4 selective hydrogenation;
2) Selective hydrogenation of C3-C5 fractions;
3) Selective hydrogenation of C3-C6 unsaturated hydrocarbons.

◆ С4С5 fractions hydrogenaion
Technical characteristics:
1) The specific surface area is largethe pore distribution is uniform, maximizing the saturation activity of olefins;
2) Add electronic additives to improve the sulfur stability of the catalyst;
3) It is suitable for C4C5 fraction hydrogenation processes with different propertiesdifferent hydrogenation needs.

◆ С6-С9 fraction hydrogenation
Technical characteristics:
1) The active components are evenly distributedthe stability against impurities is high;
2) The catalyst has good anti-coking performancelow overhydrogenation of benzene;
3) Low sulfuraromatic content;
4) Suitable for hydrogenation of C5-C8, С5-С9, C6-C7C6-C8 fractions.

Propane dehydrogenation catalyst
- UOP Oleflex process, propane dehydrogenation unit;
- UOP Oleflex process, isobutane dehydrogenation unit.

Ethylbenzene dehydrogenation catalyst
Technical characteristics:
1) Excellent working stability, slow temperature rise rate;
2) Under the same reaction conditions, the reaction temperature is lowthe selectivity is high compared with similar catalysts;
3) Steam/feed ratio(1,0-2,5).

Ethylene oxidation catalyst
      Silver catalysts are used in the ethylene oxide formation process. The catalyst has the characteristics of low reaction starting temperature, high selectivityhigh strength,the selectivity of the catalyst for ethylene oxide is more than 87%.

Propylene polymerization catalyst
      The catalyst is a high-efficiency catalyst with MgCl2 as the carrierTi4+as the active center, used to produce homopolymers, copolymers,polypropylene with high melt fluidity.
Catalyst type:
1) Spherical - SpheripolSpherizon process;
2) Particles - HYPOL, Spheripol,gas phase processes;
3) Non o-benzene catalyst.

Ethylene polymerization catalyst
      Our polyethylene catalyst products include Ziegler Natta (titanium magnesium) catalysts, chromium based catalysts,metallocene catalysts, with over 20 brands.The product is suitable for various polyethylene production processes, such as Univation, Innocene, Borstar, CX, Hostalen, Spherilene, etc.

      Efficienteconomical removal of impurities from olefins is a serious problem for ethylenepropylene producers.The new generation of highly active polymerization catalysts have increasingly high requirements for impurities in feeds, such as COS, H2S, H2O, CO, O2, HCl, organochlorides, arsenic,phosphines, which can lead to the loss of catalyst activity. The list of our main adsorbent products is as follows:
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