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Refining, Petrochemical Chemical Equipment

      The HAIHUA Group, together with first-class Chinese design institutesequipment developers, pays special attention to the developmentproduction of equipment for oil refining, petrochemicalchemical industries, constantly introducing advanced technologyincreasing investment in independent research. Due to the excellent product qualityafter-sales service level, the dynamicstatic equipment, special process equipment,APCS systems produced by HEHUA are supplied all over Chinaexported to dozens of countries abroad.

Distributed control system 

        HAIHUA develops comprehensive solutions to create a "smart" plant system for petrochemicaloil refineries. Based on next-generation information technology, with large-scale control system as the main platform, through the application of automated systemssoftware in the control of key production links,to manage energy consumption, supply chain, equipment, safetyenvironment, we realize transparent, timelydistributed real-time informationimprove the monitoringmanagement level of the enterprise. After 20 years of active work, we have succeeded in ending the monopoly of Western manufacturers in the Chinese market,realized the full localization of core equipment, such as control software, controllers, chips, communication modules, frequency convertersother devices.

Equipmentcomponents for oil refiningpetrochemical industry

        The range of static equipment produced by HAIHUA includes heating furnaces, reaction columns, reactors, heat exchange equipment, burners, etc., while the dynamic equipment offered includes compressors, blowers, pumps, steam turbines, alternating frequency motors, etc. In addition, for some special processes, the company provides plate heat exchangers, equipment for delayed coking units, reactor internals, spare parts for wet catalytic acid plants, special valves for CCAcatalytic cracking plants, which have successfully replaced EuropeanAmerican products in dozens of plants. The technologyquality of the equipment designeddeveloped by HEHUA meets the highest international standards. HAIHUA is a quality supplierlong-term partner of the largest Chinese companies SINOPECCNPC, American Dow Chemical, British Shell, German BASFRussian PJSC "NK ROSNEFT".

Repairsafter-sales service

        By attractingborrowing foreign technology, HAHUA is able to carry out specialized inspectionsmaintenance of EuropeanAmerican equipment. The company employs a large number of professional techniciansservice personnel who provide repair services for equipment of world famous brands. By providing quality maintenance services, our company helps customers significantly reduce maintenance costs.