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Our company can designproduce various types of mills, providing a full range of mills for different mineral processing processes in rough grinding, fine grinding,regrinding operations.

Ball Mill - Conventional Maximum Specification: Φ6.4×10m, technical reserve Φ7.9×13.6m(2×8500kW);

Self Mill (Semi Self Mill) - Conventional Maximum Specification: Φ9.15×5m(8000kW), technical reserve Φ12.2×8m(24000kW)

Technical features:

◆ Test (laboratory testsemi industrial test): JK Drop Weight Test&SMC Test - International semi self grinding type selection test; Bond Index Test - Selection of ballrod mills.

◆ Process flow designmill selection - volumetric methodpower consumption method; 3D design; Discrete element of EDEM.

◆ The designmanufacturing of largesmall gears comply with American AGMA standards.

◆ Separate lubrication systemhydraulic system.

◆ Curved liner is a comprehensive solution for the self grinding/semi self grinding mill unloading system, providing the best grinding conditions.

◆ Using high-quality wear-resistant materials to manufacture bearings, linings, bushings, etc.

Semi Self Mill
Ball Mill