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HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP successfully completed the supply contract of 11 sets of skid-mounted drilling rigs to Russia
On June 15, 2018, the supply contract of 11 sets of 250 metric tons skid-mounted drilling rigs undertaken by the Russian branch of HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP was successfully completed.
As the core part of the oil drilling rig system, the field of AC frequency conversion system has been monopolized by EuropeanAmerican ABB, Siemensother multinational companies for a long time. This time, HAIHUA pushed Chinas domestic three-phase three-frequency inverter to the world stage, breaking through the long-term monopoly of international first-line brands, allowing domestic inverters to be used in batches in the direction of oil drilling rigs,obtained good customer feedback.
This project is a key project of cooperation between ChineseRussian enterprises,actively responds to "The BeltRoad" . HAIHUA installed Chinese "chips" on Russian oil equipment, which caused a sensation in the domesticforeign oil drilling rigelectrical automation markets. The project of Haihua has achieved several breakthroughs: the application of three domestic three-level frequency converters in China to the oil drilling rig project; the introduction of domestic iron drillers to the CIS market, reflecting HAIHUA s national responsibility as a Chinese private enterprise.
HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP will continue to uphold the customer-centered business philosophy, continuously improve the service levelcontribute to the deepening of the China-Russian economic development.