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HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP successfully completed the supply contract of ZJ15 truck-mounted drilling rig to Russia
In June 2018, the Russian branch of HAIHUA INDUSTRY GROUP completed the commissioning of the truck-mounted drilling rig with the Russian oil "Surgut OilGas Company". This project is a successful case of joint researchdevelopment of light-duty large-scale low-temperature truck-mounted drilling rig jointly developed by Made in Chinaend users. It is also a successful supporting of hydraulic top drive, automatic tongsother automation equipment on 100-ton light-duty drilling rigs made in China.
In terms of product design, the drilling rig absorbs the design experience of drillingrepairing machines in the United States, Canada,Russia,combines the operating conditions of the users existing equipment, so that the use of the drilling rig fully meets the customers usage habits. Functional verifications such as derrick lifting, empty hook falling, emergency braking, crown block anti-collision,hook load tests were successfully completed. From drawing confirmation, productiondelivery to after-sales service, Haihua Group was highly praised by Surgut Oil & Gas Company for its excellent service quality, excellence in work quality,pragmaticefficient work attitude.