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Sonorous progress has fruitful results, pipeline installation has a peak

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival approaching, our company to construct the Russian Komsomolsk refinery project pipeline welding completed 210,000 inches, welding completed 100 thousand inches. This refinery project is the key project of our company undertaking petrochemical engineering construction, among which, installation of process pipeline is the top priority in the construction of this type of project, which involves complex pipeline materials, various materialsheavy welding workload.

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Pick rack peripheral piping installation                                   Shop-fabricated auto-pipe welding

This project is located in the Far East region of Russia,the annual effective construction period is short. Currently, the local temperature is not coldhot,it is a good time to work overtime.make full use of the remaining 2 months of this year, the project department actively planned, carefully organized, all kinds of work personnel tension orderlysteady construction, all levels of management around the site work fully organized the existing manpower, machinery, vigorously promote the construction progress, the recent pipeline welding average daily output reached more than 1200 inches, usher in a wave of construction peak, welcome the arrival of the Mid-Autumn Festival!

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